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EenVandaag TV Broadcast December 14th, 2016. Copyright AVROTROS, The Netherlands.

If you can not see the embedded YouTube video, you probably live in China. If so, please click here to see the video instead.

France 2, Journal 20:00 – TV Broadcast February 19th, 2017. 

Testimony: Diane’s battle with her companion imprisoned in China
A disturbing fact haunts the life of a French woman. Her companion has been detained in Beijing (China) for two years. He is accused of being responsible for the death of their neighbor, she cries for miscarriage of justice.

Press articles


AD - newspaper

Big news article in Algemeen Dagblad newspaper today. It’s in Dutch, but here’s a small part translated: “By the end of 2016, the confidential lawyer submitted his research. That confirms all the criticism of the family. The report is confidential, but it contains hard conclusions about the police investigation in the case. Not only is there doubt about the (changed) witness statements, Fitié also have been heard multiple times without a lawyer, forensic investigation was bad and unprofessional and evidence has disappeared.”

AD - newspaper July 11th 2017

RTL Nieuws - News - July 11th 2017


Paris Match - French magazine - February 16th (4 pages article)

Link to Paris Match website article

Pictures of Harm

Harm Fitié (44 years old, Chinese name 韩非子) has lived in China for over ten years and considers this country like his second home. He arrived in the country in 2005 and fell in love with the tradition and dynamism he could sense in China. As a feed and food nutritionist, he developed projects to help the Chinese businesses and government to produce high quality feed and food and helping ensuring food safety in the country. From contributing in building a veal farm in Xinjiang to help developing a made-in-China infant milk formula, Harm has been dedicating his efforts to ensure a better food intake, thus a better life for the Chinese people. He has been at the origin of several projects subsidized by the Dutch government, working along with Dutch and Chinese officials for many years.

Help us to fight for justice!

As Harm’s girlfriend I would like to thank everyone for supporting Harm on this page and the Facebook page. Intense media coverage and social media support are of great help to make sure Harm gets a fair trial. We recently received some very nice messages from people asking how they could financially support Harm and his family. Indeed, the total cost of lawyers’ fees alone have so far reached 150.000 euros… A rather heavy burden… Therefore, for the one who would like to contribute in making it possible that Harm is released as soon as possible, you can do so via a bank transfer to Harm’s account. For more information see below. All money will be used to get Harm free. Thank you very much for your help!   Diane

You can use a bank transfer to donate. You can send it directly to Harm Fitié his IBAN bank account NL13RABO0301536058 with a description like “help free Harm”. In case you need it, the Rabobank SWIFT/BIC code is RABONL2U. Thank you!